One of the goals in this ministry over the years has been to establish relationships with men and women who are behind bars so that when they eventually get released, they will have some type of support system that they can count on, namely the church. We also feel as a ministry its important that they personally have a group of people that they can be accountable to.

Prison Fellowship states that 50 percent of the inmates released will end up re-offending in the next 3 years. As the body of Christ, we need to come along-side these men and women who want the help to support them. Many have been saved and have given their lives to Christ while in prison and have no idea how to start over. We need to assist them in whatever way possible in restarting their lives. This is better known as "Re-Entry".

If you wish to get involved in this ministry, please CLICK HERE and print out the webpage you are taken to. That webpage is ready for printout AS IS. Then fill out the printed application and send it to:
Our Father's Persistent Love Ministries, Inc.,  PO Box 871,  Oakhurst, NJ  07755

Prisons we are presently in and what we are doing...

"Involvement" by Freehold/Middlesex Ladies who do Bible study in the Jail

Trenton State Prison

OFPLM has been working to establish relationships with men behind bars over the last 11 years in Trenton State Prison. We have been running a wonderful visitation ministry at this prison on Saturdays. Over the years many have given up their Saturdays to come out and encourage the Brothers in Christ on a general visit. This is not evangelistic. All the men we visit have a solid relationship with the Lord. We are just coming alongside and encouraging them through their remaining time there. (Matt. 25:36) If this is something you feel the Lord has been calling you to do, please feel free to contact us through the website.

Monmouth County Correctional Facility and Middlesex County Correctional Facility

OFPLM is currently conducting Bible Studies for both men and women behind bars in Monmouth County jail. (Women's Bible Study only in Middlesex only at the moment.) This ministry is not for the faint of heart. If you feel the Lord tugging at your heart to be able to present the gospel to men and women who are broken, please feel free to contact us through the website. If you don't feel qualified and you would just like to assist that is fine too. In both cases you will be asked to fill out a short ministry application accompanied by a short interview before being able to come into the jail. The jail may also require a mandatory orientation class. This class is only held every few months.

Edna Mahan Correctional Facility for Women

OFPLM is fairly new to this prison. It is the only women's prison in NJ. We are in the beginning stages of setting up a visitation ministry to the women there. We are finding out that when "Our Girls" leave the county jail after sentencing we want to remain in contact with them and be a support for when they are ready to go home. We have only a handful of women from the outside that have committed to visiting at present. If you are interested in encouraging a woman behind bars, and building a relationship that will really bless your socks off please, contact us through our website. The visit times vary and there are even some in the evenings. Many of these women have children and their hearts are breaking for their kids. I believe this part of the ministry is all about "Mentoring". If you feel that your gift is coming along-side and giving Godly counsel to those who have struggled most of their lives, this ministry is for you!!