Bible Study/Bible College Correspondence Courses

Please find below an extensive list of Bible Studies Correspondence Courses along with a brief description that can be used by those who are incarcerated. Most are either free of charge or have a very low cost. This list of information was taken from a Christian Resource Guide for the Incarcerated Believer, (The Arsenal), compiled by a former inmate/sister in Christ whose desire is to see inmates grow in the Lord amidst their time of incarceration. It is our desire as a ministry to pass on helpful information that can be used by those who are serving time. What an awesome opportunity we have been given to use our time wisely in order draw closer to our Lord and Savoir Jesus Christ!!

If you know of any further studies that are available with little or no charge, please feel free to contact us and let us know so that we may consider adding it to our list.

Great Hope Bible Institute
Great Hope Ministries
PO Box 472
Wimberley, TX 78676

A series of correspondence course for children, teens, young adults, adults, seekers, or advanced students published by The Mailbox Club. Certificate awarded upon completion of each course. Write for catalog.

Crossroad Bible Institute
Attention: Correspondence Program
PO Box 900
Grand Rapids, MI 49509-0900

Tier 1 includes 50 truths of the historic Christian faith within a 12 lesson format. Certificate and letter of congratulations from the President of Crossroads Bible Institute upon graduation. In Tier 2, each student is placed with his or her own personal Instructor who will serve as the student's mentor throughout the 3 course study, which includes: Ten Men You Should Know, In God We Trust, and The Sermon on the Mount. Graduation certificate upon completion of each course.

Lamp and Light Publishers, Inc.
26 Road 5577
Farmington, MN 89401-1436

Free Bible Study Correspondence include: The First Step, Stepping Stones to God, Seven Steps to Obedience, In Step with the Prince of Peace, The Faith Worth Dying for, The Heavenly Pilgrimage, Studying His Word, Praying to Him, Committed to Him, Worshipping Him, Fasting for His Glory, Discerning God’s Will, Witnessing for Him, Building Christian Homes, The Life of Christian Stewardship, So were the Churches established, Managing His Money, Christian Brotherhood, Shepherding the Sheep.

Ten Mile Bible School
Glencoe, KY 41046

A series of basic fill-in-the-blank Bible Study lessons. First course is "Light from the Gospel of John". Also have children’s lessons.

The Salvation Army
Correctional Services Bureau
PO Box C-635
West Nyack, NY 10994-1739

Set curriculum with six courses offered in the following order: The Gospel of John, The Christian Life, The Early Church (a study of the book of Acts), Early Beginnings (a study of the book of Genesis), The Birth of a Nation (a study of the history of Israel), and a Bible Survey Course. Certificate provided upon completion of each course. A letter of congratulations, a final certificate, a Bible engraved with the student's name, and an invitation to participate in the Advanced Curriculum is given upon completion of all 6 courses. The Advanced Curriculum includes courses in the Advent of Jesus Christ, Footsteps to Calvary, Tabernacle Types and Teachings, The Priesthood-Old and New, A Brief Study of the Psalms, and the Greatest Plan. A certificate is given for completion of each course and a pocket size NKJ Bible when all six courses are finished. These lessons also come in Spanish.

World Bible Study
PO Box 100676
Denver, CO 80250

A general overview of the Bible in two correspondence courses. Course #101, “For God so loved the World” and Course # 102, “God’s Grace be with You”, each include 8 lessons which conclude with a 12 questions multiple choice test. A certificate is awarded upon completion of each course. After the student has completed these basic course studies they offer several others: Genesis to Revelation, Foundations of Faith, Jesus the life of Christ, Into all the world, and The Christian life.

The Voice of Prophecy
PO Box 53055
Los Angeles, CA 90053

This basic Bible course is called, “Discover Bible Guides. Discover answers hundreds of questions that effect your life from a source you can trust – the Bible. Our newest Bible course is, “Focus on Prophecy”, that includes a 20 lesson in-depth study on Daniel and Revelation.

ARK Ministries of America, Inc
PO Box 1152
Chandler, AZ 85244

Free Correspondence Courses!! Grade your own test. Do not mail tests back.

Hope Aglow Ministries, Inc.
PO Box 10157
Lynchburg, Va. 24506

Free Bible Correspondence Course committed to the task of prison evangelism at home and abroad.

American Rehabilitation Ministries
American Bible Academy
PO Box 1490
Joplin, MO 64802-1490

Offers courses for the advanced student including: "Christian Doctrine Volume 1 and 2", "The Gospel According to John", "The Book of Acts Volume 1 and 2", "The Gospel of Mark" and "Galatians and Philippians". Each course requires successful completion of a 100 to 150 multiple choice test in order to earn a certificate.

Precept Ministries International
PO Box 182218
Chattanooga, TN 37422-7218

In depth expositional (verse by verse) studies for the advanced student in individual books of the Bible. Write to request the book of the Bible you are interested in.

Emmaus Prison Ministry
PO Box 59
Brick, NJ .8723-9822

Offers 62 courses with titles such as "Guide for Christian Growth", "Exploring Song of Solomon" and "Bible Prophecy" as well as expository courses on individual books of the Bible. Course titles sent randomly. Certificate with completion of each course.

Global University
1211 South Glenstone Ave.
Springfield, MO 65804

Thirty-seven different courses offered free of charge. Certificate awarded upon completion of each course. After the introductory course, you choose what you want to study. Diplomas and degrees also offered.

Set Free Prison Ministries, Inc.
1643 Dustin Place
Riverside, Ca 92506

Set Free offers postage paid correspondence courses in English and Spanish. The first course in a series titles "Studies in Christian Living is Knowing Jesus Christ".

World Bible Study
PO Box 2169
Cedar Park, TX 78630-2169

World Bible Study offers three levels of study: Foundation, Intermediate, Supplemental. They are all free of charge. There are no Prerequisites. Some of the course studies are titled:
Foundation: The Bible - The Map to the Way, God has Spoken, Knowing Jesus, Born of Water and Spirit, This is Good News, Salvation in Christ, Foundations in Faith.
Intermediate: The Church, The Christian Life.
Supplemental: What is the Purpose for my Life? Is the Text of the Bible Reliable? Lord, Teach us to Pray, Into all The World: A Study of the Book of Acts.

Bible College Through Correspondence

Promise Ministries, Inc.
Center for Biblical Studies
PO Box 177
Battle Creek, MI 49016-0177

Distance Bible and Pastoral Ministry Training
Promise Ministries, Inc. offers the following degrees through their Center for Biblical Studies correspondence courses:

First Year - Counselor of Biblical Studies (30 credit hours)
Second Year - Associate of Biblical Studies (60 credit hours)
Third Year - Graduate of Biblical Studies (90 credit hours)
Fourth Year - Bachelor Of Biblical Studies (120 credit hours)
Fifth Year - Master of Biblical Studies (180 credit hours)
Sixth Year - Doctor of Biblical Studies (210 credit hours)

In 1981 God directed the PMI Center to begin a quality study program comparable to those offered by the best external study schools, while making it affordable to those who don't have access to large sums of money. Tuition at the PMI Center for Biblical Studies is currently $30 per credit hour or $1000 per year. The good folks at PMI commit to work with you in any way possible in order to help you enroll and study God's Word. This includes, but is not limited to, payment plans as low as $15 per month and partial or full scholarships. Write to them and received a full description of their program, a copy of their curriculum, and an application for enrollment.

Global University
1211 South Glenstone Ave.
Springfield, MO 65804

Berean School of the Bible offers over 70 non-degree courses with four different diploma options. Tuition is waived for incarcerate students and they received a 25 percent discount on all materials. The average cost per course is $25. Berean also offers a 4 different Associate of Arts and 9 different Bachelor of Arts degrees. The average cost per course with the prisoner discount is $200. Three Master of the Arts Degree are available for an average cost of $400 per course.

Moody Bible Institute
Distance Learning Center
820 North La Salle Boulevard
Chicago, IL 60610-3284

The Moody Bible Institute offers a number of Independent Study degree programs at regular costs. Of particular interest to incarcerated believers is the over 60 "Continuing Education Unit" courses that they offer through correspondence for only $49 each plus $12 for all shipping and postage costs. These are college level courses offered on every book of the Old and New Testament and a variety of other subjects.