"An Inside Perspective"

October 2017

My Dear Family in Christ,

Ever-precious greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ! Prisoners are very needy. We just simply do not have access to normal things. My heart daily cries out, “My kingdom for a hardware store!” ? With that thought in mind, I also never know how I am going to get what I need. By grace, the Lord always paranormally provides!

I am reminded of the plethora of paranormal examples by heavenly provision. Let me bring a few to your remembrance. For example, God provided a ram in the bush for Abraham. Later, the Lord used a talking ass to rebuke Balaam. Again, lions served as pillows promoting Daniel’s restful sleep during his trial. In the New Testament, a fish doubled as Jesus’ wallet holding His lot for His Roman tax and that of His precious Peter to boot. On and on I could go with the Lord’s paranormal provisional methodology. What appears paranormal to us though, is totally normal for the Lord. By grace, the Lord always paranormally provides!

In my past 20 plus years of writings, I have shared many such examples from my own walk in prison. For instance, my Sugar Maple tree came over the wall as a seed in the belly of a Canadian goose. Said goose simply did his daily business, and I now have a beautiful six-foot (and growing fast) Sugar Maple tree in which I totally delight! By grace, the Lord always paranormally provides!

As an aside, Carlos, the son of my heart, with his college-attending self, was quick to remind me that my Sugar Maple was actually an Acer Securam tree. Smarty pants! Where would I be without my Latin-speaking son! Nonetheless, after the fowl’s (no pun intended) posterior deposit of said seed, I then planted it right in the middle of my prize section of Zoysia grass – take off your shoes please! It does minister quite the luscious tickling to the proverbial piggies. By grace, the Lord always paranormally provides!

Oh yeah, I am also reminded that I had lost my front tooth while playing basketball in 2007. Do you remember that I was the only one in the whole jail to ever get a replacement tooth? The administration simply changed the rule when my tooth broke. They were totally unaware of my circumstance. I then received my tooth, and amazingly, they changed the rule right back. No one else got one! Now that is totally paranormal! People thought I knew a bigwig or something. I did; and when I tried to introduce them to Him, they did not want to meet Him. O.K. doubting Danny; stay toothless in your sin, but I have a full smile that testifies against your unbelief. By grace, the Lord always paranormally provides!

It is written, “And Abraham called the name of the place Jehova-jireh. . .” (Gen. 22:14a)

In case you thought I was lost on a tangent, now on to my larger point. I have a most lovely purple Clematis plant. I had found it years ago alongside an old prison building here on the grounds. I counted it as a weed, but as I love climbers, I dug it up and brought it back to the Greenhouse. There, I nursed it back over the course of the winter. Eventually, it came back to health and bloomed the most beautiful purple flower I had ever seen!

Straight to the books I went, and there she was. Mind you, I had never even heard of a Clematis. I had struck horticultural gold! I put it outside in the spring, and it has since bloomed most beautifully every year. In my heart, I have always desired more of them. Over the years, I have tried assorted means and methods to propagate it, (cuttings and such), but all to no avail. I just keep thinking, “Wouldn’t it be nice to have a few more of these beauties?” As you know, Smarty Pants (oops!), I mean, Carlos started working in the Greenhouse with me this summer. As part of his training, he was assigned weeding chores. Well, one day he came to me with a very big smile on his face and showed me the roots of this big weed he had just victoriously yanked out. He was very proud as he joyfully held out for my approval my prize Clematis!!! With perfect Godly restraint, I screamed, “My son, what have you done?” [“Be angry, and do not sin!” (Eph. 4:26)]

After I calmed down, as not to discourage him, we inspected it together. Praise God, it was still viable; and as we observed the strange looking root system, I noticed that it was splittable (is that even a word?). We then very slowly wiggled the roots apart, and behold, we now had five new healthy Clematis plants! All out of that one plant! I just bowed and worshipped. By grace, the Lord always paranormally provides!

I had not thought to dig it up myself and check the root system. The Lord, though, knowing the desire of my heart, used my son to multiply the plant. In the case of Abraham, God used a lamb to save his son. With Philip, the Lord used my son to multiply my Clematis. Is that biblical? It certainly was to me. So I called the name of the place Jehova-jireh, because by grace. . .