"An Inside Perspective"

June 2017

My Dear Family in Christ,

Ever-precious greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ! I know that I am a preacher because everywhere I look I see a sermon, and I mean everywhere. It does not matter what it is; my mind just intrinsically turns it into a teaching to glorify the Lord.

I know it is of the Lord because I do not have to think about it or plan it. The Holy Spirit just brings it to my heart. I like to think that it is the blessing of walking with the King, heart-to-heart, discerning His voice from all worldly chatter.

I am no one special. I simply “lose myself” before the Lord – raw, as it were, with all I am. Nothing is hid from His sight. Why then, should I try to hide anything? He knows the thoughts and intents; yes, even the deep-seated motives of my heart.

Praise the Lord, as I told you, I am back in a cell with my son, Carlos, though we are not in the same cell that we were in before. Now, we are on the back of the tier, much, much further away from the officer’s desk, the “cop-shop,” as they’ve coined it in the joint. In fact, we are so far away from the officers that we now have to yell at the top of our lungs for them to open our cell door, and still they may not hear!

Interestingly, in the back of the wing, things are not as “tight” as in the front where the officers are. Of course, the jail mentality is that the further away from the police you are, the more you can get away with; same mindset as on the street (out there) for those who are criminally minded. The further away from the law “I” am, the better off “I” am, right? Then, “I” can do what “I” want and all the more “I” can get away with.

We now have men in the cells next to us on both sides that have giant “boom boxes” (the old eighties-style radio/cassette/CD players). Yo, it is not cool at all! As you may imagine, being that far away from the “cop-shop” permits the music to be blasted in such a fashion that “our” very cell walls shake! Believe me, you cannot fathom it!

The music is usually the hip-hop/rap type, which was never my flavor to start with. The other day, however, I heard a song (not that I had a choice) by Eminem (M&M) called “Lose Yourself;” though I, by the Lord, heard a sermon! The song refers to the artist “losing himself” in “the moment” of his audition. For him, it was do or die. Everything in his whole future depended on that very moment! Eminem was trying to come out of his literal trailer park poverty to gain the whole world through his music. At one point he declares, “Sorry mom, I love you, but this trailer gotta go!” You see, he sensed the gravity of “the moment.” This was his one chance, and he knew it. As if talking to himself, he chimes, “You only got one shot. This is your moment; own it. Lose yourself in the moment; don’t blow it.”

It is written, “If any man will come after me, let him deny himself (lose himself), take up his cross and follow Me. For whosoever will save his life shall lose it; and whosoever shall lose his life for My sake shall find it.” (Mt. 16:24-25)

Beloved, do you sense the gravity of your moment? You have “one shot” to get away from the trailer park poverty of a worldly walk and unto the Heavenly riches of the coming Kingdom! You should chime, “This is ‘my’ moment, ‘my’ walk; don’t blow it!”

You got “one shot” – yes, one walk that will be judged accordingly, and you gotta “own it.” You see, the fleshly mentality is that the further away you get from the law (the Holy Spirit’s conviction), the more “I” can get away with. So “I” may think! Truth be told, the further away “I” get from the Heavenly “cop-shop” (the Holy Spirit), the more worldly “I” will become!

It is written in the second temptation of our Lord, “And the devil, taking Him up into an high mountain, showed Him all the Kingdoms of the world in ‘a moment’ of time.” (Luke 4:5)

Beloved, that is how our walk with the Lord will be viewed in light of eternity – as “a moment.” At the judgment seat of Christ, your whole “walk in Christ” will flash before you in “a moment.”

Be encouraged that it is never too late to repent and to recommit your life – all of it – to the cross. Today is the day, “lose yourself!” You only have one chance – one walk – one shot – one moment! You only have one life to give – give it all to the Lord now! Own it; don’t blow it! Give yourself wholly and willingly. Give all that you have and all that you are. “Lose yourself!”

Beloved, I was challenged by a worldly hip-hop artist to step up my walk! How about you? Take up your cross and follow Him afresh today. Tell the enemy now, “Sorry satan, but I hate you, and. . .