"An Inside Perspective"

April 2016

My Dear Family in Christ,

Ever precious greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ!

In the Middle East, the battle is always hot. Israel, the very nation through whom the Lord chose to bring forth His Christ, is always under attack. They are the lone democracy surrounded, for the most part, by hostile Islamic nations. Within those hostile nations are embedded terror groups whose sole purpose is to destroy the nation of Israel. Unbeknownst to these hostile nations, they operate under the direction of the evil one, the god of this world, who continues to relentlessly seek the destruction of Israel proper. Satan is always hatefully opposed to the purposes of our God and His Christ.

There is also a spiritual hostility that exists towards Israel that is not consciously recognized by Israel’s enemies. It stems from the Biblical promises of God to Israel concerning her future restoration and eventual exaltation among the nations—not by her works, but by the grace of God and the veracity of His promises according to His purpose. Yes, despite themselves, the Lord will one day set His throne in Jerusalem, and His Christ will rule the world from there throughout the Millenial age.

So, for the present time, Israel is under constant siege as the world spirals, at an alarming pace, into the end-times. Various terror groups are using any means possible to provoke and kill the people of Israel. They are constantly on edge for the sound of the siren's blast, warning them to quickly flee to the nearest bomb shelter which are strategically positioned throughout the land. As if by routine, no sooner do the missiles explode, than the people are right back about their business.

In the past, suicide bombers were also a daily threat, as the enemy blew themselves up in an attempt to kill as many Israelis as possible. As a result of these suicide bombers, Israel eventually erected a fence around her perimeter. This had an immediate and dramatic effect in reducing suicide bombings. Sadly, no sooner was the fence erected, than the enemy found other means to steal, kill, and destroy. Satan, through the terrorists, fruitlessly flails against the purposes of God through Israel, all the while, unwittingly serving them.

The latest methodology for these relentless murderers is to tunnel under the fence. They start a tunnel in the basement of a house or business bordering Israel and build well-lit and ventilated tunnels. They access these passageways under the fence and make their way into Israel proper. Eventually the infiltrators come to the surface in Israel's homeland. The genius of the tunnels is that no one knows where they are located until the enemy breaks the surface. As a result, this covert operation of tunneling can go on for years unhindered and undetected. Finally, in the dark of night, they break through the surface and out come murderers of every sort whose sole purpose is the destruction of Israel. It is a life which warrants our study.

It is written, “Put on the whole armor of God that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood (people) but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” (Eph. 6:11-12)

Did you ever consider, in the same way that the enemy (Satan and his minions), is constantly attacking Israel proper. Satan also has a strategy against you? In the Christian walk, the battle is always hot. Satan has embedded his minions amongst believers and their vests constantly explode with division and hate amongst the congregation of true believers. It stems from the promises of God concerning the future of Christ and His saints, not by works but by grace will we rule with Him one day.

Satan is always hatefully opposed to the purposes of our God and His Christ. He does not want God's promises to come to pass in you because, in them, will be his own demise. Therefore, he fruitlessly flails against the purposes of God in you, all the while unwittingly serving them. The Christian who endeavors to walk holy will be assailed from every direction. Your heart must be in tune with the Lord's siren of discernment that you may flee to the shelter of faith as the fiery darts explode around you. As if by routine, no sooner do they explode than we should get right back about our Father's business.

Embedded spiritual suicide bombers seek to blow themselves up in the midst of our congregations, causing divisions. It seems that, no sooner do you erect your fence, even the shield of faith, than the enemy is tunneling under it seeking how he may steal, kill, and destroy your walk! The genius of Satan's spiritual tunnels into your mind-set is, that they are not immediately detectable until they break the surface.

Beloved, these tunnels have been under construction, with your joyful cooperation, in your own life, for years! You think it not so? How long has the enemy been tunneling into your mind-set through your TV? Oh, not you, right? Try not bowing before your TV for a week and you will see the strength the enemy has already, unbeknownst to you, embedded into your life.

Most of God's chosen people, the Jews, eventually became slaves. So also will we. A Christian slave is an oxymoron of the most grievous sort. Beloved, in the dark of the night, when you least expect it, Satan will break through the surface of your heart with his spiritual murderers and their sole purpose is the destruction of . . .