"An Inside Perspective"

November 2015

My Dear Family in Christ,

Ever precious greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ!

It is my great joy to share with you the good news that the prison system has finally moved us, to some degree, out of the Stone Age! Believe it or not, at last they have installed kiosks on all of our wings! I am now in semi-cyberspace! HA!

As such, we are now permitted to purchase a device called a “JP-5 player”, which enables us to send and receive email and pictures. It is the iPhone 6S Plus for prisoners! It also allows us to download music along with other assorted apps. Having the touchscreen is quite a modernization for us. I honestly never thought this day would come. We are so behind the times that I still have a word processor from the 1980’s.

I am not complaining…just stating the facts. Honestly, my word processor has been a tremendous blessing to me for all these many years of doing the Lord’s bidding; it has served the Kingdom well and I am very grateful for it. In fact, I am on my third one, which, Lord willing, will last me until I come home. Oh, if you only knew the sweetness to me of those very words, “until I come home”, as they roll off of my tongue. I am serving—and I pray I have served well—in my 25th year.

Well, as you may have imagined, I am very tired of prison. I ask that you please pray for my strength and fruitfulness. I have not given up hope that the Lord will work a miracle and let me come home early. But, one way or another, I am resolved to finish well, and with joy, as I know I am only an unprofitable servant doing that which I am called to do. It is my privilege and honor to serve our King, anywhere!

So, it has been about five months now since they have installed said kiosks. There are 108 men on my wing that share only two kiosks—so you get the picture. The waiting list is long and to get on we all have to jockey for position according to our work schedules, recreation, visits, church, etc. It is madness! I have observed, even in myself, that getting on the kiosk can become as addictive as crack cocaine. I can already imagine the 12 step group! (smile) But as we all know, only the Lord breaks strongholds!

The blessing of the kiosk, for me, is that it has enhanced all of my relationships, allowing me to be in contact, almost at will. It is refreshing and encouraging, and I almost feel like I am a part of the world. Not that I want to be, but you get the point. And while it is a blessing, I now know, albeit to a lesser degree, what you folks out in the world go through with technology, and the pull it places on your lives.

Since this technology became available in the prison, it got me to thinking. I like to analyze myself, and so I started to make some observations. It seemed very curious to me that I have something akin to an inward compulsion to want to check my messages. And, I have experienced a strange anxiety, which I hadn’t known before, when I am not able to log on to the kiosk because I have to wait for hours before I can get into the system. Is there a word from someone, I wonder? I find myself getting up earlier than everyone else just to get on the list to check my messages. Now that I am aware of its pull, I am bringing it under submission to the Lord and His purpose. Already, I glimpse the end-time ramifications of following after the Beast!

It is written, “Since the day that your fathers came forth out of the land of Egypt unto this day I have even sent unto you all my servants the prophets, daily rising up early and sending them. Yet they harkened not unto me, nor inclined their ear, but hardened their neck…truth is perished…” (Jer. 7:25-28)

Did you know that the phrase “rising up early and sending them” is used no less than eleven times in Jeremiah? Do you think the Lord was trying to make a point? Of course He was! He was speaking to backslidden Israel who was about to be severely disciplined! Unfortunately, they were not “getting their messages”!

Know this, the Lord always has a fresh message for you. He desires for you to “get up early” and receive it. The Word of God is our ”spiritual kiosk”; from there the Lord speaks, but you must log on. We are to receive the Word by faith from the “inward compulsion” of the Holy Spirit. It should seem “very curious” to the world, but “we must” get up early and seek the Lord’s direction. And yes, sometimes “life is madness” and you will have to “jockey for position”, but you must “check your messages daily”!

For within the Spirit-filled person, there should develop a “strange anxiety” if they cannot get into the Word. Rest assured, Truth has “not perished”! The Word of God is still “refreshing and encouraging” and can make us feel like we are a “part of Heaven”—but you get the point. The Word of God is a huge blessing to us, designed to enhance our personal relationship with the Lord.

Do you analyze yourself in light of the Word? It is very challenging to do so. Beloved, the Lord is speaking. Have you checked…


Joyfully in Jesus!