"An Inside Perspective"

October 2015

My Dear Family in Christ,

Ever precious greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ!

The Greenhouse grounds were beautiful again this year, perhaps the best ever. Each year, Junebug and I feel as if we must outdo the last year’s bloom, or we have not really had a successful year. We have already decided that to outdo ourselves next year, we are going to have to plant in three different waves, phases you might say. The idea being, that while one bloom is ending, the next phase will be just beginning to bloom. One bloom flowing into another, thus allowing a fullness of colors at all times through the summer and fall.

This mid-March, Junebug and I worked our proverbial buns off to get everything just the way we wanted it. The beds were planted, the bulbs were buried, the perennials were perking up, and the ficus were all strategically placed and planted. Naturally, my precious berms were clean and straight as an arrow in their normal military fashion. The weeds having submitted, albeit against their will, to the brute force of my precious oscillating hoe. I must admit, I did bear down on them with a childlike joy! Sometimes this joy over my berms is so overflowing, that, as I see them on my way to work, I am filled with gratitude and feel compelled to salute the King of Glory with shouts of praise!

Well, let me “get out of the weeds” and to my point! By the middle of the summer, everything was just beaming and we were ahead of schedule. (Junebug and I work together as a well-oiled machine!) So, as such, and because of the intense heat one day, we watered everything heavily for a few hours, and then sat back to enjoy the fruits of our labor.

Meanwhile, unbeknownst to us, there were construction plans in the works for some of the areas adjacent to the Greenhouse. It was the beginning of August and we were in the middle of this past summer’s semi-drought. Without warning, the powers that be cancelled the Greenhouse workers, namely us! Honestly, we are well-aware that nobody but us really cares a lick about what becomes of the grounds. And, if we did not do what we do, it would quickly become an overgrown weed patch! So, we ended up being out of work for about nine days. While the construction project was going on, we didn’t waste time but enjoyed the pleasures of the exercise yard, while they completed their work.

When we finally did get back to work, it was a horticultural nightmare! The geese must have gotten the construction notice memo because it appeared that they knew we weren’t going to be there! All the wonderful grassy areas, that took all my blood, sweat, and tears, were covered with the dreaded goose droppings! We had indeed been “dunged” in a most grievous fashion.

It was shockingly blatant, and I couldn't help but take it personally. More that that, the grass itself had not been watered in nine days and had gone from a beautiful bright green to a putrid looking brownish yellow that was beyond repair. All of the flowers were slumped over and hanging on for dear life. Many of them, to our consternation, were completely gone for the season.

Worst of all, the weeds had conquered my berms and multiplied in such a manner that only rabbits could fathom! Of course, it seems that weeds also do not need water, even in a drought! I guess they have their own pernicious source, of which I know not. As a matter of fact, they mockingly conquered my berms, and everywhere else for that matter, and that in the middle of the summer’s worst heat wave! The drought seemed to only embolden them and made them all the more aggressive. In a few short days, my joy had turned to sorrow, and in my grief, I had to be consoled.

I had never really understood the full value of watering. I knew that in the heat of the summer we had to stay on top of it, and we always did. But, my stars, I was so shocked and dismayed at the end results of those nine days!

It is written, “Husbands love your wives, even as Christ also loved the Church and gave Himself for it: that He might sanctify and cleanse it with the washing of water by the Word…” (Eph. 5:25-27)

The value of the Word of God, His refreshing spiritual water to our souls, can never be underestimated. The Word is said to be living and active, even powerfully sharp as it penetrates our hearts, transforming our mindsets and conforming us back into His own image. Sadly, the results of neglecting the water of the Word are also painfully evident…

Behind the scenes, Satan is plotting your demise. He doesn’t care a lick about your walk. He cannot “un-save” you, so he tries to keep you from your water source. In no time, without the water source of the Word, you will be spiritually slumping and hanging on for dear life. The “weeds of sin” desire to mockingly conquer the testimony you have labored over.

Satan “got the memo” too, and if you stop drinking the Word of God, by faith, the dreaded “goose droppings of sin”, can cover your walk in no time. The devil will turn your beautiful bright walk into a putrid, worldly stroll. Beloved, water yourself, stay in the Word of God daily, and your joy will multiply as only the….