"An Inside Perspective"

September 2015

My Dear Family in Christ,

Ever precious greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ!

This was an exceptional year for the Greenhouse grounds, particularly, in regard to our sunflowers. It’s funny, but even though we are down to only two men now, just Junebug and I, we seem to get more done than ever before. As I mentioned in prior newsletters, we both have certain areas that we specialize in and we work well together. We both come from the same “stock” in that we love to work; nobody needs to tell us what to do. In fact, we are rarely given any instructions; the powers that be just let us do what we do, and usually, all is well.

Well, about those sunflowers…they were absolutely spectacular this year! They used to be my pet project, but for the last couple of years, Junebug has been taking a liking to them. And so, this year he planted all of them by himself. We had ordered assorted types and in early spring, we started them in seed trays. When the weather broke, Junebug put them in the ground. All this was nothing special really. It was routine spring work for us.

The only difference was, that this year Junebug ordered a different type of sunflower seed called “mammoth”, and the package said they were supposed to be huge. Now, the standard operating procedure for growing things on the grounds is that they cannot block the view of the police, or they will order us to remove them. Most years, the sunflowers grow to a certain height, and eventually, one of the authorities conclude that they are too big. Then, much to our dismay, we have to cut them down. Generally, as they hit six to eight feet, I start expecting to be told that they have to go.

Honestly, it has become a little bit of a cat and mouse game with us to see how big we can get them to grow before we are told to cut them. Each year we try to plant them strategically so they won’t block the officers’ view. The old “out of sight, out of mind” adage as it were.

Know this also—Junebug is wired very, very differently than me. He does not care what the police think of things—at all. This year Junebug, feisty guy that he is, planted them junks everywhere and anywhere! He put them on the Back-fourty, the Ponderosa, the Shipyard, by the Bandroom, all along the berms, and everywhere else. Then, we just sat back and watched them grow . . .And grow they did! They just kept growing, and growing, and growing! Month after month, I kept waiting for the police to say, “All right fellas, let’s take them down, they are blocking our view.” But they never said a word! Well, I have never seen anything quite like these sunflowers; they became as thick as small trees at the base. I’m not surprised since I pray daily over the garden and the Junebug and the Lord always blesses abundantly.

Amazingly, these monsters went from three to six to twelve feet and more. And, who knows how tall they are now! I can see them as I look out of my window as I am typing, and for some reason, no one has said anything this year! It is as if the Lord has blinded their eyes. In fact, the police, along with everyone else, keep stopping by the Greenhouse, commenting on how big they are. All the while, they are gawking in awe as they ask us how we got them like that! Much to my delight, it was all mouse and no cat this season!

Unlike some other varieties, mammoth sunflowers only have one head, so the taller the plants grow, the bigger the heads grow. Some heads measured two feet across and have to weigh at least eight pounds! The heads became so heavy that the stalks could not hold them up anymore. They slowly bent over until all of the heads were bowed down facing the ground! Very illustrative if I do say so.

Now, as I look out of my window, I see all the sunflowers seemingly marshaled about the Greenhouse like giant fifteen foot centurions, guarding the grounds, with all their heads bowed as if unto the Lord! It is a marvelous sight and has provided much fodder for my daily evangelism exploits.

It is written, “And David said unto all the congregation, ‘Now bless the Lord your God.’ And all the congregation blessed the Lord God of their fathers and bowed down their heads, and worshipped the Lord, and the King.” (1Chron. 29:20)

When Solomon was being coronated, all heads were bowed. Did you know that Satan also plays cat and mouse with you because he wants your head big but now bowed? He wants to block your view of the Word so he can chop you down. It has been said that all creation declares the glory of God, and rightly so. We are the pinnacle of the Lord’s creation, and as such, our lives as believers should declare the glory of God, with bowed heads. People should be gawking in awe at our lives, as we strategically exalt our Head, the Lord Jesus Christ!

The taller our sunflowers got the bigger their heads got! Sometimes the Lord, by His grace, allows us to flourish and to grow to exceptional heights. In fact, if we are not careful, the taller we get, the bigger our heads can get too! Beloved, it is wonderful to grow in grace, but in your growth always remember to keep . . .