"An Inside Perspective"

November 2013


My Dear Family in Christ,

Ever precious greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ!

Every workday morning I wake up at about five a.m. I usually don’t get out of my bed though. I have a habit of just laying there and praying over my loved ones and whatsoever events I have scheduled for that particular day.

Carlos then gets up at about five-thirty, washes up and is off to work by six-thirty. After he leaves, I get up and do my morning chores including cleaning the cell, doing my crunches and finally reading the Word and praying. At about eight-fifteen I myself am also off to work.

As you know, I love my job and I can’t wait to get there. I am always premeditating. For instance I usually think and plan two seasons ahead. Right now it is fall, but I am already preparing the grounds for the spring by splitting the plants and moving them about. I’m also honing the edges and burms so that they will look like a military hair cut when the spring growth begins. On a side-bar, if you would permit me a rabbit trail; I would give my Kingdom for a pair of hand shears! Oh the edges---I can see them now by faith. They look just like a West Point mustache!

Anyway, right before I leave for work I put on my work boots. Most men can relate to this because good broken in leather work boots are like unto a dog for a man; they are his best friend, but even better because he doesn’t have to feed them nor sport the infamous pooper—scooper. (smile)

Usually, I don’t take my boots off until I get back to my cell around two o’clock. On this one particular day though, somehow unbeknownst to me, the smallest of small pebbles got into my boot. I was aware of it throughout the course of my whole day. It wasn’t quite big enough to make me take my boot off and shake it out, but it was just big enough to remind me all day long that it was indeed there.

I worked the whole day with that ever so small pebble in my boot annoying me, but not really annoying me to the point of action. I kept telling myself that the next time I stop I will get it out, but inevitably I would become distracted with some other work and forget all about it for the moment. Then, just that quick I would feel it again, pledge its removal, but never fulfill my own inward promise. It was annoying me, but not really annoying me to the point of action.

I finished all my chores at work that day with the dreaded pebble in my boot. I went to lunch with that persistent pebble in my boot. I even shared the Lord with some men with that pernicious pebble in my boot. I had unwittingly accepted it even though it affected my entire walk.

I finally came back to my cell, took off my boot and removed the now cursed pebble! The whole day I had been faintly aware that this thing was in my boot, but I was just too busy to deal with it. With hindsight, I guess in my mind I had rationalized that it was just more of a bother to take off my boot than it was to be terrorized all day long by this obnoxious pebble. I was dead wrong!

Sadly, if I may personify said persistent pebble, I didn’t realize the extent of his effort. I had no idea of the sense of exhilarating freedom that would come over me when I was finally freed from his torturous persistence! I had underestimated him.

It is written, “Nevertheless I tell you the Truth; it is advantageous for you that I go away; for if I do not go away, the Comforter will not come unto you; but if I depart I will send Him unto you. And when He is come He will convict...” (Jn.16: 7- 8a)

God sent His Holy Spirit to prove men sinners. He convicts men of sin. He illumines Truth and brings it to bear on their hearts. He quickens the law as schoolmaster bringing sinners to Christ as their Lord. As believers, He convicts us of the smallest of small sins in our lives, albeit there is no small sin.

Sin is a pebble in your spiritual boot. Yes, even your walk before the Lord and men and the Holy Spirit points it out. Have you ever practiced a sin in your life that was annoying you, but not annoying you to the point of action? You may have been living your whole Christian walk with this dreaded pebble of sin in your boot.

You may keep telling yourself that you are going to stop and take this persistent pebble of sin out, but you are inevitably distracted by your own perceived ever so important work. Just that quick you are convicted again of said pernicious pebble, you again pledge removal of the terrorizing sin, but never fulfill your own inward promise. Beloved, you are dead wrong!

Have you unwittingly accepted said torturous pebble of sin even though it affects your entire walk? Perhaps you have rationalized that it is more bother to deal with it now than not? The Holy Spirit speaks Truth and when He points out a pebble, there is indeed a pebble of sin in your boot. Precious one, stop right now and repent, take off your boot, intentionally and remove the cursed pebble, and you will know the exhilarating freedom of Christ. Beloved..