"An Inside Perspective"

August 2013


My Dear Family in Christ,

Ever precious greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ! Earlier this year there was a race in Boston. We are all aware of its tragic end. It was a beautiful sunny day and all seemed well. People had trained all year for this race, after all it was “The Boston Marathon,” one of the elite marathons worldwide of which all desired to be in attendance. Runners had come from all over to compete with the world’s best athletes. The race would be highly publicized, and lucrative sponsorships were at stake for the winners. Sneaker and clothing contracts of all sorts awaited the victor which could financially set the winners up for life. The world’s trinkets were dangled before the runners with no thought of eternal ramifications.

Some had trained their whole life for this one race. They had sacrificed everything, giving their all that they may finish well. Little did they know that someone else was behind the scenes methodically planning their demise. Terrorists were hard at work in the building of their bombs. They studied their victims, even plotting how to best execute their murderous plan. They timed and measured the course of the race, but most especially, the finish line. Yes, they set a bomb at the end of the race. In cahoots, the terrorist’s wife knew all about the bomb and didn’t tell anyone. We know all too well the tragic results.

Have you considered that that is how it is for every unbeliever? They know not that there is a bomb of judgment at the end of their race of life. An explosion of infinite consequence as it were, that shall surely hurl them into a fear-filled Godless eternity where only the weeping and gnashing of teeth resounds.

Does that thought move you to action? I pray so. If it doesn’t, you should examine yourself in light of the Word of God. Jesus Christ came “to seek and to save that which was lost.” (Lk. 19:10) The Lord’s mission has not changed a bit, nor should ours. Perhaps we have unwittingly tweaked our mission “to seek and to save as much money and worldly goods as we can?”

From the moment I was saved in that dirty Monmouth County Jail hole, by the precious grace of God, my heart has been toward the unbeliever. My heart is as inflamed with the love of God now as it was then. I came out of that hole sharing Christ while knowing nothing yet of the Word. All I knew was that I once was blind but now I could see! (Jn. 9:25) I had only one question for you, “Do you know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior?”

Perhaps, because I myself had been so deeply steeped in sin, I therefore now have a unique perspective of God’s grace. When we are witnessing to people in the course of our daily lives, Christ’s compassion for their “lostness” should consume us. We should find that we cannot not witness. It should dictate the course of our day. It should drive our prayer life as their hopelessness is ever before us. Their “lostness” should be to us a worm that never dies because we know that there is a bomb at the end of their race! It should gnaw at us and compel us to share the Lord even in the face of regular rejection. We should go to sleep and awake again pleading their case before our great Redeemer and Lord who is mighty to save!

Their unbelief should be as a spiritual magnet that draws us unto them with the Word of hope. We should be challenged by their sin, always knowing in our spirits that, “Where sin abounded, grace did [does] much more abound.” (Rom. 5:20b) We should delight to watch the Lord working. We should rejoice as He proves His Word Truth, driving home the arrows of His love into the hearts of perishing souls and rescuing them from the death grip of our wily, and ever so wicked foe.

Unbelievers should drive us to our knees in prayer, seeking grace for their salvation. C.T. Studd, that great missionary to Africa’s interior said, “Prayer is striking the winning blow while service is simply gathering up the results!” God forbid if we preach not the gospel! Are you sharing? How many people do you know with a bomb at the end of their race to whom you have not spoken even a mumbling word about Jesus? Go forth, precious one!

I know the living God and the power of His Word. I have studied the principles of evangelism at length, indeed I teach them. I have observed that people just sail along through the course of life mindless to the bomb that awaits them at the end. They hustle and bustle through life’s small joys and sorrows, while unbeknownst to them, they are on their way straight to hell. Do you talk to them or are you worried about what people may think of you? You wouldn’t want them to think you are a Bible thumper, would you? How many people live within walking distance of you and have been your very neighbors for years, even handpicked by God, yet perhaps you have never even said a word to them about your Lord? Is that ultimate selfishness?

Look unto the fields, beloved, the harvest is ripe! Gird up your loins, forsake the world, for the time is short. Know ye not that at the end of the unbeliever's race there is a bomb? Beloved, when all is said and done, don’t be found in cahoots with...