"An Inside Perspective"

Christmas 2011


My Dear Family in Christ,

Ever precious greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ!
It is my great joy and delight to once again greet you during this wonderful season of celebration. I want to encourage you to appreciate every little blessing that you have.

I am especially grateful for our relationship in the Lord. I am radically thankful to God our Father through our Lord Jesus Christ for the leading of the Holy Spirit in this walk of faith with you. You are my family in the Lord and you have meant so very much to me all these many years. You have chosen to embrace me in the Lord while treating me as your very own! You have loved me, prayed for me, and encouraged me in so many different ways. So many years, so many blessings, so wonderful a Savior! Words fall far short of my gratitude to the Lord for you. Thank you for loving me. It is eternal.

I could have never done all of this time in prison without you. So precious many of you have come to visit and encourage me. Others, giving of their love, have written me letters that have kept me going at times when I was discouraged. Trust me, discouragement and hopelessness are the heartbeat of prison. But we are not as others who have no hope, indeed, we thank our God who always leads us in triumph in Christ Jesus! We thank Him that the heartbeat of Heaven was chimed upon the cross of Calvary. His resurrection ensures that forever the song of the Lamb and His precious blood will ring in our hearts!

Beloved, never forget how wonderfully blessed you are with the gift of family. Do not all the members of your family, with all of their sorted nuances and quirks, make up a melodious symphony of God’s goodness and grace to you?

Have you ever really thought that the Lord specifically chose and created each and every one of your family members to be with you? God, with purpose, designed you for each other. Do you appreciate them all, individually, as you ought? As would please the Lord? Do you receive them as the gift from God that they are to you? I hope so, beloved, because the Lord chose exactly who he wanted you to grow up with, who He wanted you to experience the gift of family with, and yes, who He wanted you to season with in your golden years.

Beloved, have you perhaps unwittingly taken your family for granted? I would give anything to be with my loved ones during the holidays, not to even mention, on any other day of the year. Do not petty differences pale in the Light of the Lamb? Beloved, be the aggressor in reconciliation this Christmas. Seek forgiveness even as you forgive wholeheartedly. Treasure your family members, one by one, as does the Lord.

Sister Debbie recently sent me some worship cassette tapes that had children singing and praising God. It was awesome and I was totally mesmerized. I am going to be 55 years old and I had never heard children praising God before. I miss children. I suppose Heaven will be full of them. Everybody sings there. Family is heaven on earth for those who have eyes to see. Love your family, beloved, with all your heart. Love them specifically and with intention, because by doing so, you are loving the very Lord Himself. I wonder, do you take them for granted as I so regretfully had done? I pray not.

It is written, “The Word was made flesh and dwelt among us, (we beheld His glory as of the only begotten of the Father,) full of grace and truth.” (Jn. 1:14)

I bear witness that He, the Son of God, yet lives today in the very hearts of His redeemed blood-bought people! By that grace I am one. Christmas truth! Oh wondrous love, how could it be!

Now I would like to share testimony and give tribute and honor to Mother Jane Frank. She and her husband Bobby were the vessels the Lord used to draw me unto Himself. Mother Jane was a personal manifestation of the precious Word become flesh in pursuit of me. Christ in her was after me! Oh, condescending love divine!

Flee as I might, she was always one step behind me. Relentlessly full of grace, she was persistently consistent in sharing the love of her Savior. Everyone gave up on me and rightfully so. She would not, she could not. She pursued me with humble grace and loving kindness coupled with a few portions of hard love. Now with twenty-twenty hindsight, I know that the Lord in her was really always one step ahead of me. He broke me of my selfish self-reliance. Today by grace, I am crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. Mother Jane, you were the vessel. This year you are eighty; I will love you forever.

The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the communion of the Holy Ghost, be with you all. Amen! My thanks to you and have a very . . .