"An Inside Perspective"

May 2010


My Dear Family in Christ,

Ever precious greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ! I want to take the time today to honor the Lord for mothers, obviously and particularly for my mother, but for all mothers in whom the Lord has placed the gift of nurturing comfort. Mothers are comforters by nature; they are joyful caretakers as they mold and shape their children and families.

I have so many awesome memories of my mother while I was growing up. The Lord is my witness, I cannot remember even one negative thing about my mother, ever. During my childhood, she was the very sun-beam of heaven in my life. She had the most beautiful soft blond hair that you could ever imagine. All the other kids would always say how pretty my mom was, and boy did that make me proud! As if I had something to do with it! You know what though, fifty years later, I am still proud of my mother. My heart bursts daily with love for her. She still provides and cares for me, and I am almost a senior citizen myself! Ha!

Mom was the best cook you could ever imagine. Dad was always out hunting and fishing, trying to provide. I was, as a shadow, always tagging along behind him. We would bring home deer, bear, rabbits, ducks, geese, quail, pheasant, grouse and fish of every sort. Dad even brought home moose once! It would always go right into mom’s cook-pots. She could cook anything and make it melt in your mouth. Have you ever had fried rabbit? Life really is not complete without tasting my mom’s fried rabbit.

We would all eat wonderful family meals together, grandparents and all. As a family, we’d then go and sprawl out in the living room, on the couches, chairs, the floor, whatever, just to recover. We would play verbal volleyball from our said sprawled positions, solving as it were, all the issues of our lives. Some would be found partaking of a short nap to settle things, but before you knew it, we’d all be snooping around the leftovers looking for dessert! You have not lived until you’ve had my mother’s chiffon pumpkin pie! Mom had great joy in feeding us, perhaps though, not as great a joy as mine in the eating! ?

I remember one time when I saw my mother helpless to comfort me. I grew up on an island in the middle of the Ohio river. It was seven miles long and it was nothing for us kids to ride our bikes up and down it. We knew every square inch of that island. Well, on both ends of the island there was a full baseball field. I loved baseball and I played it every day.

In fact, my sister Kevy and I used to ride a bus together, for a dime, all the way to the other side of Pittsburgh, to the old Forbes field to watch the Pirates play.

Anyway, I was about ten years old and I got dressed as usual and rode my bike down to the ball field. I got picked for a team and was standing in the outfield, when all of a sudden, I began to feel this burning, itching sensation in my pants! I didn’t know what was going on. I did not want to scratch and draw attention to myself but it quickly got out of control and I literally thought that I had ants in my pants! Well, I couldn’t take it anymore and I ran off the field scratching, itching and screaming all at the same time, while everyone watched. Now that I think back, all the other kids must have thought I was nuts!

It quickly got so bad that I was now crying as I jumped on my bike and steamed home. I flew into the yard screaming bloody murder as my mom came flying out the door thinking the worst. “Mommy, Mommy,” I cried harrowingly, “There’s ants in my pants!” as I began ripping my clothes off and running toward the shower! Mom was franticly trying to pinpoint the problem but could not.

There was no comfort to be had; I was suffering bad and there was no antidote. I was red and swollen and there was no relief even in the shower. I never saw my mom like that before. She was helpless to help me. I will never forget the look of frustration on her face as she watched me without remedy. Her whole being cried out to comfort me.

It came to pass, as things calmed down and a thorough investigation was made, that the problem was uncovered. The day before, Mom had been doing spring cleaning and had washed the drapes in the washing machine, and then, did a load of my clothes afterwards. It turned out, unbeknownst to Mom, the drapes were made of fiberglass! Who would have thunk it!

You know that I love and honor my mom with all my heart but sometimes our best intentions can unwittingly cause others a lot of pain. Sometimes we just want to wash somebody’s clothes to show our love. We want to care for them but we don’t always see the whole picture. Unbeknownst to us, the devil may put a little fiberglass in our good deeds! It is written, “Let not your good be spoken of as evil.” Seek to do good, beloved, be servant-minded in all things, but remember well, that there is no comfort if you put . . .