"An Inside Perspective"

September 2005

My dear family in Christ,

Ever precious greetings in the name of our LORD Jesus Christ! Being in prison has brought me to a new appreciation, or should I say a new detestation, of the many facets of the pest community. I have discovered roach nests, with hundreds of them in it, in cells that I have been assigned to. It then falls on me to conquer and win the victory, which is no small feat, or to live with them. Whatever you do---.-don’t turn the lights out!

I have had roaches the size of Chicago, 2 to 3 inches in length, slithering across my body in the middle of the night and waking me up with an ungodly scream! (a manly scream mind you, smile) Some of them so big that they ought to have been registered at Motor Vehicle! The ones in the cells are the small ones, the roaches on the main tier can be seen, at any given time, running to and fro with loaves of bread on their slimy little backs! You would think that when they see the prisoners they would run from them, not so, it is the other way around. Some real tough thugs, huh?

I will not here expound on the doctrine of mice. I am trying to make a point, so I will spare you the prison rodent tales.

The point is, it is a constant battle to keep dominion over your cell. At any given point, their can be a breach in your wall and the unsuspecting prisoner may be assailed by any number of given creatures. Do not get me wrong, I respect the wisdom of God in creation, but He has also given me a foot with a boot on it and I do---put it on ‘em---as needed! (smile)

My latest engagement has been with an army of ants. They have breached the wall behind my toilet in a couple of places, and even as I type this, they are currently in attack mode. Now let me tell you that these ants are quite the rascals! First of all, there are so many of them, that they have the advantage right off the bat. I know I have to find the breach and close it, that is my only hope.

It has become an epic battle of the wills and has been going on for about 2 months now. When I speak to Sprout about it, as he humorously prods me on in battle, I affectionately refer to them as my ant farm. I have tried my Mom’s old cinnamon tactics, I have tried disinfect and Comet, all to no avail. I am taking this thing personal at this point. Yesterday, to top it all off, I was at choir practice playing my guitar and I kept feeling a slight pinch on my foot. Finally, I had to stop and take my shoe and sock off, and yes, you guessed it, there was a man-eating ant clamped onto my flesh! That was it! That was the last straw! I came back to my cell with a new found vengeance and zeal; this battle was coming to a head and I was going to be the victor!

With a fresh revelation in tactics, I went straight to the wing workman and got a small amount of cement. I mixed it up, sealed the breaches completely, and that was the conclusion of the matter. After such a long duel, I did experience a sardonic degree of satisfaction in my victory. (smile)

It is written, “And I sought for a man among them that should make up the hedge and stand in the gap [breach] before Me for the land that I should not destroy it, but I found none.”

The Lord was speaking through Ezekiel and telling the house of Israel that He was looking for a man of prayer to intercede on behalf of the sinful nation. He was seeking someone to seek His mercy, where justice, was rightly due. Amazingly, it has been my observation, not only Biblically but also in my experience, that God very often chooses to use one man as the means to bring about His righteous end. He is still looking, even today, for just one faithful man to stand in the gap and close the breaches.

As you have just read and I have just recently learned afresh, it only takes a very small breach in the wall to allow the enemy to enter and destroy. Before you know it, he may be clamped onto your flesh! We may sadly use the example of New Orleans and their levee system. What a great spiritual truth! The levees were not adequate and the breaching of them brought about death and destruction of unimaginable consequence. The water was the enemy that they were trying to keep out but while they were focused on the other things of this life, destruction came.

Men---it is our duty to plug every breach in our own personal lives and to give no place to the devil. Men---as leaders of our households, it is our duty to stand in the gap. It is our responsibility to be on guard and to watch over our wives and children, lest the enemy of our souls should be successful with his iniquitous breaching. Christians, find the breach and close it. God gave you a spiritual boot---put it on ‘em---as needed!