"An Inside Perspective"

April 2005

My dear family in Christ,

Ever precious greetings in the name of our LORD Jesus Christ! As you all know by now, I am not politically correct. I believe that it is my duty to write what the Lord puts on my heart and to let the proverbial chips of truth fall wheresoever they will.

The death of Pope John Paul the second was an event that, despite all the pomp and circumstance, begged the question, “Who really was this man from God’s perspective?” You would think it would be evident to any discerning, Spirit-f illed believer, right? Sadly, it is not. Was he saved? Was he a man of God or was he a man of god? Did his “good deeds” find him favor with God? Was he proclaiming the true biblical gospel of salvation by grace through faith alone or a false gospel that, as Paul said, left him and his hearers accursed? It is written, “But though we or an angel from heaven preach any other gospel unto you... let him be accursed.”

I was much alarmed at the confusion among confessing Christians as to who this man really was. So many seemed so guarded as “not to offend.” While in fact, the Word declares that the very truth of the true gospel will indeed, be an offense! I believe that the reason that so many Christians could not discern who the Pope really was is because they are so caught up in the world. Therefore, they really do not know the difference between the true and the false gospel. This event has exposed the spiritual condition of the church. Has it exposed you? How do you see it? It is written, “That day [of Christ] shall not come except there come a great falling away first.”

Much to my dismay, it was said in the very church where I worship, “This was the most spiritual Pope ever!” I almost fell off my chair! What does spiritual mean is my question?!? The devil is completely spiritual you know! People are either saved or they are unsaved, there is no middle ground. That is a simple biblical fact, like it or not. You are either saved and animated by the Holy Spirit or you are unsaved and animated by the devil. It is written, “in time past ye walked according to...the spirit that now worketh in the Sons of disobedience.”

There is a spirit at work, it is the spirit of ecumenicalism and it has stealthily crept into the church. The song of unity, love and tolerance is always on its lips; the pied-piper of hell, luring all belief systems into one. In it, truth is cast aside for the sake of a false unity that God does not honor.

A false gospel always masquerades as the true. It is purposely dressed up as the real---yet salted with lies. It is written, “to deceive the very elect if possible.” Cleverly, the lie is disguised as truth, so as to cause the undiscerning to think the lie is the truth. Yet, a half truth is always a whole lie.

Let me ask you a few questions. Are we to believe on Jesus Christ and live a good life to get into heaven? (Eph.2:8-9) Is Mary the queen of heaven? (Jer.44:17-25) Are we to pray to her or any other dead saint for that matter, to intercede on our behalf? (Isa.8:19-20) Certainly we honor Mary as the mother of Jesus in the flesh. We will not dishonor her though by blasphemously assuming that she never died but became omniscient so as to hear and answer the prayers of all “the supposed faithful” throughout the world! Lord have mercy! Why would anyone think that she can even hear them anyway? Is there a purgatory? Not in my Bible! Such a place would dishonor the work of the eternal Son of God upon the cross. It is written, “It is finished.” I could go on and on but I have made my point.

Yes, we are to mourn with those who mourn. Yes, I prayed the Lord to have mercy on the Pope and to save him. Yes, as we so often hear harped among believers, “There are a few saved people in the Catholic Church.” That mantra may well be true but it does not accredit or justify a false prophet, by a false gospel, leading billions to hell. It is written, “If the blind lead the blind they shall both fall into the pit.”

This was and is an opportunity for we, the church, to rise up and to discern and proclaim truth from error unto a dying world. Ambiguity is the devils delight. How much do I really care about someone if I am more worried about offending them than I am of their eternal damnation? I bet there are lots of people in hell, right now, that wish the Christians would have been bolder in their faith and offended them with the truth of the gospel!

Years ago in Guyana, a man named Jim Jones lead hundreds of people astray with a false gospel. They all drank poisonous cool-aid and died. The world looked down on him. Today, a Pope leads billions of men, women and children astray by a poisonous cool—aid—--a false gospel of works. Sadly, because he was rich, he was extolled the world over, even from so-called Christian leaders, while the believers remain in deafening silence. May the Lord have mercy and grant us boldness...