"An Inside Perspective"

February 2005

My dear family in Christ,

Ever precious greetings in the name of our LORD Jesus Christ! As my prison job, I work in an area called the Balcony. It is a literal balcony consisting of a series of offices that serve the various inmate functions within the prison. For example, there is a Veteran’s, Muslim, NAACP and a Christian office, of which I am a clerk.

I had worked daily in that office for almost 7 years with Brother Richard, a very faithful man of God. We first met in 1991, in the Monmouth County jail. I had just been saved by the grace of God and the Lord gave Richard to me, as a gift, to disciple me. Richard found me, having just been born again, a new believer with many questions. I had just been TRANSFERRED out of the thick darkness of addiction into the glorious liberty of the sons of God and boy was it bright!

Richard took me under his wing and mentored me (at times he tor-mentored me, smile) until I could stand on my own and I began to disciple others. As Providence would have it, we both ended up here in Trenton State Seminary as Chaplain’s Clerks. Needless to say, in those 15 years or so, we became very close in the Lord. Richard was my friend, accountability partner and above all a faithful prayer partner for me and the ministry. We worked together daily in the things of the Lord, as if yoked, for all those years. He was my Paul and I was his Timothy.

One day in November I went to work as usual and Richard was gone, TRANSFERRED to another prison. No notice, no good-byes, no nothing----he was just gone. Being TRANSFERRED is a dynamic of prison that I will never get used to. I may develop the sweetest fellowship with someone and yet at any given moment they may be, and often are, TRANSFERRED! There are eleven or twelve prisons throughout New Jersey and the amount of time that you have left on your bid determines where they put you. During the course of your sentence you may be in five of six different prisons before you make it home or, I should say, if you make it home. Being TRANSFERRED always, no matter what, does violence to our fellowship in prison. It has happened to me more times than I care to count.

Richard and I had discussed the reality that it would one day happen to us. We were prepared. When it happened, we resolved that we would see each other on the street one day, Lord willing, or without a doubt, we would be together with the King eternally.

As I meditated on my loss of Richard, I realized that we are all subject to be TRANSFERREDat least once in our lives. When we are saved, it is written of us that we are “delivered out of the kingdom of darkness and TRANSFERREDinto the Kingdom of His dear Son.”

Everyone with whom you now have a relationship, saved or unsaved alike, will one day be TRANSFERREDout of your life. Some sooner and some later but all will be TRANSFERRED. The saved will go to Heaven and the unsaved will go to hell, which will itself also one day, be TRANSFERREDinto the lake of fire! With that thought in mind, what kind of witnesses ought we to be? Should we not be, with all diligence, sharing the living and active Word of God with those of whom the Lord has sovereignly placed in our lives?

Your children will one day be TRANSFERRED, your parents, your loved ones and even your co—workers will all, one day, be TRANSFERREDeither to heaven or to hell. Do you now see the value of your witness? What is the value of the soul to God you wonder? Well, what is the value of God’s only begotten Son? He gave His Son for the souls of His people and by that He forever proclaims our worth in His eyes. Let us not make light of it! It is written, “A true witness delivereth souls.” Share Christ in love and do not worry about hurting peoples feelings or offending them, there is simply to much at stake. Speak the Truth, be biblically correct, not politically correct. It is written, “I believed---therefore I have spoken.”

In a deeper sense, we will one day all, as Christians, if we are alive when Christ comes, be TRANSFERREDinto the very Presence of the Lord, yes, to the judgment seat of Christ. It is written, “In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump, for the trumpet will sound. . . and we shall be changed.” Wow, how is that for being TRANSFERRED! That’s right, all of a sudden we will each be snatched away, caught up, raptured as the old Latin would have it. There, at the judgment seat, we will answer for our witness on earth.

We and our loved ones are subject to being TRANSFERRED, at the Lord’s will, at any given time. You may not get a last word with your children, there may be no good-byes-—-so love now, speak now, share Christ now, before you or they get TRANSFERRED! You can, by your faithful witness, lead many to the Lord.

Do not get caught being TRANSFERRED without having told everyone about Who you are going to see!