"An Inside Perspective"

January 2005

My dear family in Christ,

Ever precious greetings in the name of our LORD Jesus Christ!

It is a spectacularly beautiful day. Quite the norm for this time of year. The sun peeks anxiously over the horizon, poised as it were, to be about its Creators business, "as a bridegroom coming out of his chamber, and rejoicing as a strong man to run a race."

The young couple walk lazily toward their favorite cafe. As they walk through the small town, the market is filled with locals hawking their wares. Small and large, trinkets of every sort. Tourists busily seek souvenirs, the futures witness of good-times gone by. The smell of coffee and fresh fish mingles in the air, even, as the acrid smoke of the burning sugar cane rises from the fields. After almost two weeks, they now recognize the smiles of many along the way. Friendly smiles, family smiles and yes, the toothless grins of children growing up.

At the cafe, their favorite seat overlooks the sparkling turquoise-blue water of the lagoon, which adds promise of a day, not to be forgotten. Little did they know, how true that was soon to be! In the distance, the fishermen, busy about their work, are skillfully cleaning the evenings catch, soon to be bartered for their families needs. Tropical relaxation, there is none quite like it. All is well.. .God is so good.

It is written, "Watch ye therefore... lest coming suddenly, He find you sleeping."

At the shoreline, a small girl of ten collects shells for the necklace she just knows her Daddy will love. Her pretty golden locks tickle her neck from the warm breeze that carries the smells of the market to the shore. The beach quickly fills with the days portion of sun-worshippers seeking the golden tan the world so highly esteems.

Oddly---in a twilight-zone moment, the water slowly begins to recede back into the ocean. The little girl looks up in curious observation having never seen such as this before. No one else seems to notice. Suddenly, with force, panic fills her little heart! She springs to her feet as the lesson from her recent geography class is quickened to her mind. She remembers that the retraction of the water is a sign that a deadly tsunami is very soon to come. The time is short. Driven by fear, she runs up and down the beach, arms flailing, declaring with boldness the peopleís plight. Terror drives her voice as she realizes the horror soon to come. She lifts her voice demandingly, "A tsunami is coming, go inland, a tsunami is coming, you must go inland!"

The sincerity of her message is heightened, by the alarm in her words, as the people gather their things and flee. That is, only those people who believed. Those in unbelief remain contently on the beach in their lounge chairs, unbeknownst to them, also soon to be their watery graves.

On the horizon, a massive wall of water races toward the shore at five-hundred miles an hour. It has no mercy or grace in its wings---only law. The law of the tsunami is this---all in my path shall die. Within minutes it devastates thousands of miles of shoreline with unthinkable death and destruction, just as the little girl had said. It is written, "And great earthquakes shall be in many places...all these are the beginning of sorrows."

All this has caused me to reflect on Godís judgment. The law of judgment is this---all have sinned, therefore, all are guilty and so all must die. Some were judged yesterday, some will be judged today and others tomorrow, but all, will be judged. Judgment is due to all right now. Godís mercy alone restrains judgment and mercy is given only as He wills, by the hand of grace, in Christ.

All we, as Christians, are that little girl in our own right. The world is complacent in its sin, while the tsunami of Godís wrath, in epic proportions, looms on its horizon. Judgment is coming, it is unstoppable and therefore the message of salvation ought to be on our lips. Are you moved by fear for the souls of men or are you on the beach, lounging in your walk? Do your next door neighbors know the Truth? Are you living it before them? Have you told your co-worker, with terror in your voice, about the tsunami soon to come?

The world is full of signs and they all point toward His coming. "Awake though that sleepest and arise...redeem the time." The song of hope, the gospel, should arise from every redeemed heart. We are watchman on the wall! What are we watching? Do not let the smells of the market turn your heart away. Do not be deceived by peopleís friendly smiles, if you donít share the gospel with them, they will go to hell. The time is short! Look up, our redemption draws nigh! Get off your duff little girl and---preach because...