"An Inside Perspective"

July 2004


My Dear Family in Christ,

Ever precious greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ! Here in Trenton State Prison, there are about 2000 prisoners. About half of the cells that we are housed in are “double-lock”, meaning that there are two men in that cell. The other half are “single-lock”, meaning, of course, that there is one man in that cell. Most men naturally prefer to be in "single lock” because they can do what they want with no accountability.

Some prisoners are in “double—lock” by choice but most are not. When you are a “new jack” in the prison they put you where they want you and you’ll like it! Otherwise, if you don’t like it, they have a nice little “hole” they will gladly put you in. The longer you are here, the more officers and administrators you get to know, and the more juice you develop. After awhile you become what is termed an “old-head”, and therefore, if you have been living right, your “juice—card” is up.

Some men don’t like to be alone all the time and they prefer to “double-lock” and share their meals and fellowship with someone of their choice. When your juice-card is up you can pick your own cellmate. As for myself, I was in "single-lock” for the first 10 years of my “bid.” Now, by choice, I am in “double-lock” with a younger Christian. It is my prayer, that the very gospel I preach, I shall also live before him.

Mind you now, when you are “double—locked" you are in very small quarters together. Imagine if you will, living in your closet that has a sink and toilet, and worse yet, living in it with someone else! That beloved is “iuzdiccd inLuuiacy!” It is written, “There is nothing hidden in all creation but everything is laid bare before the eyes of he that shares your cell" (Philip’s paraphrase, smile). You quickly learn to be lonq-sufferinq and servant—minded. Giving one hundred and ten percent is the rule.

It is written, “Come unto Me all you that labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you and learn of Me for I am meek and lowly of heart and you shall find rest for your souls. For My yoke is easy and My burden is light.”

Did you know that the Lord’s call for you is to “double-lock” with Him personally? Trust me, His “juice card" is way up and He wants some “/Lad-ica~ inUmacy” with you! When you give yourself wholly to the Lord, by putting yourself in the yoke with Him, you will then be “double-locked” with the Lord of Glory! Now that, my friend, is an “eternal bid” we should all want to do!

As “old-head” Christians we are to resiqn ourselves, by way of submission, to be led of Him and to walk as He walks, rejoicing in His yoke. There can not be two masters in one yoke. Both oxen must be of one mind and one heart in all things or the work will not proceed properly. One leads and one submits, it is the only way. The Apostle Paul will testify, “It is not good to kick against the goads.

The yoke presupposes a “,Ladica~ intimacy.” Are you ready and willing for “~adicat int.iwacy” with the Lord? Sometimes "new jack’’ Christians must have their neck put in the yoke unwillingly. There they learn the value of “‘uzdicat intimacy” with Christ. It is written, “God disciplines those He loves.” How many times have we gone into discipline with a fight, even justifying ourselves, only to come out joyfully sharing “the yoke” with the Master and with a testimony of “~ad~ca~ -LnLLflZacy” on our lips? Through discipline we learn quickly to be long-suffering and servant-minded. Giving one hundred and ten percent is the rule of the yoke!

Sure, you can live the “single—lock” Christian life, doing what you want with no accountability, but it is powerless, fruitless and presumptuously vain. It is a lie. You think you are calling your own shots but you are not. You are deceived. The truth is, every time your will, butts heads with His will, you are wrong. Your will is always your worst. His will is always His highest glory and your highest good. Receive that in your spirit and be yoked with Jesus willingly in “ILadicczt intimacy”.

Did you know that if you are not sharing the yoke with the Lord, then you are, in one form or another, sharing it with the enemy? Yes, Satan, lord of self, desires you in his yoke also.

Are you yoked to cigarettes? It is a cruel bondage. Are you yoked to pornography? It is a insatiable taskmaster. Satan specializes in the yoke of bondage to sin. He dangles his false yoke before us, only, to ensnare us in it. Ironically, there is freedom alone, in the sweet bondage of the Lord’s yoke. Real freedom is as the Lord’s servant. David was yoked with the Lord and thus sang of it’s sweetness. Abigail recognized this in David’s walk as she prayed, “...the soul of my lord shall be bound in the bundle of life with the Lord thy God...”

“Come unto Me...take My yoke...” is a call to believers for absolute surrender to the Lordship of Christ. It is a call to the freedom of the yoke, yes, “uzadicat intimacy” with King Jesus!

“Who are you “double-locked” with?"