"An Inside Perspective"

August 2003


It is lazy summertime, hazy, and humid summertime. I am laying outside in the sun. No, I am not on the beach. I am on a giant concrete slab, known behind “The Wall” as “The Big Yard.” Ironically, because of so many stabbings and finally a murder that happened out here, “The Big Yard” is now --- the four small yards; four chain-link separated sections called quads.

As I lay here, I can see the giant, twenty-five foot high, concrete wall that surrounds “The Big Yard.” “the Wall” is covered with razor wire, brightly reflecting the sun. “the Wall” and the wire quickly smite any thought of escape that naturally rises in the heart of the incarcerated. I am forty-six years old now, I ‘m in shorts, and the sun is pleasantly warm on my skin. I am listening to my walkman and thinking of days gone by. The thought comes to my mind that I have lain in this same spot almost ten years ago. I was young in the Lord then and loved Him much, but not as deeply, as I do now. I notice that I can now see the trees on the other side, a good twenty feet, over “The Wall.” Back then, I could not see many trees. The trees have grown much, and by grace, so have I.

Judy, my precious little sister in Christ, was knee-high back then. Rachel, beloved of God, was just out of her diapers. Now, they are young ladies in the Lord, and regularly sharing the gospel with adults. The girls have grown much, and by grace, through your prayers, so has this Ministry. Life is war in the Spirit, Go is good, and Christ is coming. Please pray that I, by grace, will be fruitfully faithful in here.

Since it is summer and, I too, am lazy (repent-repent), here is a puzzle I discovered in a magazine. It drove me nuts, until I was able, by the help of the Holy Spirit, to find the answer. I have shared it with a few of you already, if so do not give the answer up easily! This puzzle also made the brothers in here turn nutty, (or are we already nutty?), smile. I pray that it makes you nutty also---OOPS!…HA, I mean, I hope that it makes you search the Scriptures diligently and that you will have some fun with it in your church this summer, enjoy! This puzzle was written by a lady in California in response to an offer from a gentlemen in Philadelphia. He said he would pay $1,000 to anyone who could write a puzzle that he could not solve. He failed to solve it and paid her the $1,000. The answer is one word and appears in the KJV Bible, have fun…

God made Adam out of dust
But thought it best to make me first
So I was made before the man
According to Gods Holy plan
My whole body God made complete
With out arms or hands or feet
My ways and acts did God control
But in my body he placed no soul
A living thing I became
And Adam gave to me a name
Then from his presence I withdrew
For this man Adam I never knew
All my makers laws I do obey
And from these laws I never stray
Thousands of me go in fear
But seldom on the earth appear
Later for a purpose God did see
He placed a living soul in me
But the soul of mine God did had to claim
And from me he took it back again
And when this soul from me had fled
I was the same as when first made
Without arms, legs, feet, or soul
I travel from pole to pole
My labors are from day to night
And to men I once furnished light
Thousands of people both young and old
Did by my death bright lights behold
No right or wrong can I conceive
The bible and it's teachings I can't believe
The fear of death doesn't trouble me
Pure happiness I will never see
And up in heaven I can never go
Nor in the grave or in hell below
So get your bible and read with care
You'll find my name recorded there

Joyfully in Jesus,
Love Philip

PS: No cheating by using electric devices, or concordances (Heb. 4:13!!) HA! I’ll give you hints if you need them! It must fit all clues (smile)! Acts 17:11.

"Remember Those In Prison, As if Chained to Them."